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Safety awareness

Safety is one of Lupus' core values and fundamental to the way we conduct our activities.

The safety of clients and employees is our main focus and we strive to achieve this by promoting a proactive, inclusive safety culture.

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Our Safety Policy

The Organisations Safety Policy represents commitment by the Accountable Manager that the organisation will:

  • Establish Safety Performance Standards and Objectives

  • Continually work to improve those safety standards

  • Comply with all applicable legislation, meet all applicable standards and consider best practice

  • Provide appropriate resources

  • Enforce safety as a primary responsibility of all managers

  • Not blame someone for reporting something that would not have been otherwise detected (Just Culture)


The Accountable Manager (AM) bears the ultimate accountability for safety in the Company.

The Accountable Manager endorses the Safety Policy; provides the human and material resources necessary for operating the SMS and achieving the safety objectives; nominates the Safety Manager, the Compliance Monitoring Manager and the Safety Review Board.

On-aircraft training in Part 25 aircraft is an unusual activity in modern aviation, and is amongst the highest risk activities routinely undertaken. It requires a skillset and attitude to safety that is significantly beyond the norm in the industry. Accordingly, to protect both people and the Company the Accountable Manager encourages the highest levels of knowledge, awareness and attitude amongst the staff. No-one will ever be criticised for making a decision that is more cautious than required by the letter of the regulations. Instead, they are encouraged to always err on the side of caution, and if in doubt discuss the matter with the Head of Training or the Chief Flying Instructor.

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