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TRI Courses
Part 2/3

TRI Part 2/3 Cours

TRI Part 2/3 Course 

Type Rating Instructor courses

Currently we offer TRI Part 2/3 courses for the following aircraft types:


  • BD700 Global Express series

  • Challenger 604/605/650 series

  • Learjet 45/75 series


These are completed with a mixture of simulator and aircraft. We can also add aircraft or simulator to the privileges of existing TRIs who require an unrestricted rating.


Simulator training is conducted using one of our main simulator providers, or at any other location if the Operator has a simulator available.

The basic format of a Part 2/3 course is laid out below* .

Subject to your licence NAA requirements you will require an AoC Check with an examiner prior to submitting your licence for approval. 


TRI/SFI 2 Trainees*

1 Ground School Day 

5 Training Sim Days = 5x4hrs sim sessions = 20hrs sims

1 AoC Day = TRI - 4hrs sim session / SFI - 6hrs sim session

TRI/SFI 1 Trainee*

1 Ground School Day 

4 Training Sim Days = (2x3hrs) + (2x2hrs) sim sessions = 10hrs sims

1 AoC Day = TRI - 2hrs sim session / SFI - 3hrs sim session

Addition of Type*

1 Ground School Day 

2 Training Sim Days = 2x2hrs sim sessions = 4hrs sims

1 AoC Day = TRI - 2hrs sim session / SFI - 3hrs sim session

Addition of Landing Training* (Lift SFI-restriction)

1/2 Ground School Day

1/2 Training Sim Day = 2hrs sim session


*Aircraft training is conducted at your location - with a minimum of 3 circuits to validate your training.


Click here for Part 1 Course

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