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Lupus Air Services.

About us

Unlock Your Capabilities

In an ever-changing industry, finding the right TRI and a reputable company might seem like an impossible task. Enter Lupus Air Services, which was founded by one of the industry’s finest professionals. 


At Lupus Air Services, we’re committed to providing the highest quality training focused on safety, leadership and education. Our training courses are flexible and our TRI's are the best in their field. 


We provide specialist Professional services to the Corporate Jet industry.

We offer:

  • Advanced training where we come to your location

  • Examining/checking for Licensing and Operators

  • Support for unusual or temporary requirements

Browse our pages to find the services you need, and contact us to arrange for us to fulfil your requirements


Samad Saeed, Catreus 

Ops Supervisor/Training Admin

'Lupus Air has a vast range of aircraft that they can provide training on. The founder has vast knowledge of the industry regulations and ensure that all elements are met. The efficiency of making the training arrangements are second to none and they make it work so smoothly'

Our Background

Choosing Success

Lupus Air Services was started in 2002, initially supplying contract pilot services on various aircraft types.


Now, 22 years later, we are using the experience of a network of instructors to offer high quality specialist training and services to meet the particular demands of modern regulations.


Hamish Ross, the Principal and founder, has been in aviation for nearly 35 years. For over 30 of them he has been an Instructor and Examiner, and for much of the time he has been a manager within Training Organisations and Charter companies. He is currently a TRI/TRE on Challenger 604/605/650 series aircraft.


Our other Instructors are all highly experienced TRIs on the type of aircraft. In addition to their licence qualifications, however, they undergo both initial and periodic training to keep them up to date with all the latest legislation and techniques as well as ensure that they are giving the highest standards of training.


We are headquartered in Oxfordshire, UK, but in line with the nature of the Corporate Aviation business, we go wherever in the world is required to deliver the services our clients want.

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